SAHARA is engaged in the Designing, Manufacturing and Supplying of Low Voltage Switchgear panel as well as Cable Trays, Lighting poles in Kuwait. SAHARA founded in the year 2003 and is already actively participating in the industry revolution in Kuwait. SAHARA is established and managed by a group of successful and experienced engineers; the factory is equipped with computerized machines to ensure best quality of products.

As a Local manufacturer, SAHARA takes into consideration of any special requirements by our customers, SAHARA always consider Kuwait ministry of Energy specifications and other related local and international standards.

SAHARA'S policy is to perform commitments and obligations to insure customer's satisfaction and hence, SAHARA is a well known in the local market for its uncompromising focus on Quality, Service and Technical Excellence. Our customers are partners of the success of our business.

SAHARA'S continuous Development program has developed a complete range of Fully Tested Switchgear products to cover a wide range of Low Voltage applications.

The products have been rigorously tested by ASTA, an Independent Testing Agency to ensure total compliance to International Standard IEC60439-1 and also to meet local regulations and stringent weather conditions prevailing in Kuwait. SAHARA is ISO 9001 : 2000 Certified Company.

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A. Sales Department
  The principle of being partner to our customers is obligation, sales staffs have been trained to study customer’s requirements and coordinate technically and commercially to insure the compliance and compatibility of product to customer’s requirement and site conditions, within customer’s budget.

B. Design Department
  In charge of preparing technical submittals, compliance statements against customer’s specifications, catalogue copies of the offered component, offer drawings showing switchboard dimensions, component layout, and technical specifications of switchboards. Fully computerized designing department with latest software for design development & material control.

C. Production Department
  SAHARA'S production factory is equipped with latest machines and systems with a production engineer who is in-charge of all productions works, in accordance with the “approved” design drawings by the customer and skillful production staff to produce accurate finish product to deliver. SAHARA production factory produce continuously the following ranges of product within the facility.

1. `TABULA' The Absolute Switchboard System
2. Main low tension switchboards – (MLTB)
3. Motor Control centers – (MCC)
4. Automatic transfer switches – (ATS)
5. Main switchboards – (MSB)
6. Service Cabinets for Ministry of energy
7. Sub main switchboard – (SMSB)
8. Street Lighting feeder pillars – (F.P.)
9. Final Distribution Boards – (D.B)
10. Final consumer Units – (C.U.)
11. Control boards
12. Street lighting cutouts
13. Telephone boxes
14. A/C boxes
15. Manual changeover switches for indoor and outdoor use
16. Switch fuses for indoor and outdoor use
17. Cable trays
18. Under floor socket

D. Quality Control Department
  On line QC checking after every manufacturing process, to secure the quality of workmanship is up to the acceptable level of our company’s policy. Final checking for finished products prior delivery is one of our quality control procedure, Quality control routine tests shall be carried out on every finished product as per IEC-60439.

3 years warrantee from date of delivery to site is granted for all our products, warrantee certificate will be issued after testing is completed.

We have the following testing equipments for quality control testing purpose:

1. AC / DC High Pot Tester (Megger)
2. Current Injector
3. Insulation Resistance Meter
4. Digital Multi Tester
5. Telecommunications Networks (Access)
6. Enterprise Data Networks
7. Residential Cabling
8. Functional Testing Kit (Eaton Cutler Hammer)
9. Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeter (Megger - DLRO 10x)
10. High Voltage Insulation Tester (Digital) (Megger)
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