Tabula - Sahara Tabula Type Tested Assemblies

Product Derscription

Following rigorous and continuous type testing, MLTP conforms to all the regulations of major markets throughout the country.
The following type tests have been successfully carried out at independent test laboratories as per IEC 61439-2.

Clause 10.2Strength of materials and parts
Clause 10.2.3Properties of insulation materials
Clause of resistance of insulating materials to abnormal heat and fire due to internal electric effects
Clause 10.3Degree of protection of enclosures (IP 54)
Clause 10.4Clearances and creepage distances
Clause 10.5Protection against electric shock and integrity of protective circuits
Clause 10.6Incorporation of switching devices and components
Clause 10.7Internal electrical circuits and connections
Clause 10.8Terminals for external conductors
Clause 10.9Dielectric properties
Clause 10.10emperature rise (55ºC ambient)
Clause 10.11Short-circuit withstand strength
Clause 10.12Electromagnetic compatibility
Clause 10.13Mechanical operation
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