SAHARA Company, in the trading sector, has made a remarkable impact by supplying a multitude of projects with its high-quality products and services. With a wealth of experience and expertise, the company has successfully delivered its offerings to  numerous industries and sectors, forging strong partnerships along the way.

A key factor that sets Sahara Company apart is its dedicated team of professional and technical engineers embedded in each trading department.

Each trading department within Sahara Company is equipped with its own team of skilled engineers who possess extensive knowledge and technical proficiency in their respective fields.

These engineers play a crucial role in ensuring that the products and services offered by the company are tailored to meet the specific requirements and standards of each project.

As SAHARA’s sales department, 

we provide the following electrical components/systems

Capacitor Bank/ ORTEA BY I-CAR

Central Battery / INOTEC


Automatic Transfer Switch/ ASCO-Schneider Electric


Lighting Control System/ COOPER Lighting Solutions

UPS/ Schneider Electric

Power Management System/ Schneider Electric

Earthing and Lightning system/ Kingsmill